We help companies improve their business. We do it by designing products, services, communication and experiences. We call it Business Design.

Business Design is about combining design and strategy to help create market growth. In practice this can take the form of a better user onboarding in your app, a new pricing model, a communication concept, a new brand or even a completely new product and launch strategy.

Client cases

With Kidsread the goal was to create a releasable MVP (Minimal Viable Product) of a "Spotify for childrens books". A simple app for iPad and iPhone where you pay a monthly subscription fee to read as many childrens books as you like. With a limited time and budget Glauser Creative created the brand, design/ux, api, website and iOS app. Go to Kidsread.se to try it out.

SVT.se is the home of Sveriges Television, the public television company of Sweden. The job of the website is both to present the full range of content that SVT provides but also to show that it caters to all groups of people in Sweden and fills an important role as an independent source of news and culture. Glauser Creative designed the new website.

Minutemailer is a marketing service where you can easily send newsletters and share content on social media. Minutemailer was founded and is run by Glauser Creative. Start your own free account on Minutemailer.com.

Mirjam Bayoumi Salon is a boutique hair salon in New Yorks Upper East Side founded by the best hair colorist from Sweden Mirjam Bayoumi. Glauser Creative created the graphic identity and website.

The Swedish National Sommelier Team is the official wine tasting team of Sweden. The logotype was created by Glauser Creative as a golden wine goblet with a reflection of Sweden in the glass.

Videofy is a social video app where you can create, comment and share your life in video. Videofy was co-founded by Glauser Creative.

Svensk Kassabandsreklam is a company focusing on converting unused spaces in physical stores into revenue generating ad spaces. Glauser Creative created the graphic identity and website.

Nouw is Swedens largest fashion and blog community with more than 350 000 active users. Brand designed by Glauser Creative.

Soundtrap is a complete music studio and community. Login from anywhere with an Internet connection and create music alone or together with other people. It's like Apple Garageband but in the cloud. Glauser Creative have helped with strategic advice and branding. Try Soundtrap here.

Other past and present clients include Apotek Hjärtat, Bredbandsbolaget, Catella, Coca-Cola, Familjen Pangea, Fass, Futurniture, Goo Technologies, ICA, IKEA, Isobar, Klarna, KTH, Lägenhetsbyte.se, MTG, Mobiento, Oakwood, Orc Software, Phosworks, Polarn O. Pyret, Posten, Red Bull, Schibsted, SOS Barnbyar, Systembolaget, Starcom, Telia, TV4, Viaplay, Visual Art and Weld.

Our Business Design Process

In all our projects, big and small we are aiming for a 4-D process: Discover, Design, Deploy, Develop.

Discover: In the first phase we try to understand the goals, define pain points and set the key metrics for the project.

Design: The next step is to create a solution. We design and iterate. We then gather feedback to see that we address the pain points.

Deploy: The final design and details are made and user tested. We build and deliver the finished design.

Develop: The first iteration is finished and the next step is to measure what we accomplished, gather feedback then refine and improve.

The process can be varied in size depending on the project but the overall principle is more or less the same no matter if we work with ux design, branding, strategy or advertising.

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